Welcome to Planetary Dynamics! A home for intuitive crafters, inventive designers, aesthetics builders, and more! We’re a small community gaming group but we do stuff a little unconventionally. While we do play them to have fun, we put a spin on it and see what craziness ensues! If you’re a programmer, mod developer, or just a plain old fashioned gamer…come and join us! We’ve got stuff for all types of technologically savvy people and it’s not limited to those with an engineering prowess.

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See what we do and how we do it; there’s always a chance you’ll like what you see.


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You may be asking yourself: “Self, what are you doing here?” – But in all actuality you’re here because you found a group of people that enjoy gaming. Not only do we game because its fun, but because we enjoy the science behind it.

At PlDyn, the chances of you doing something the old fashioned way multiple times in a row are very low. There’s always a better way, a new way, or a different style. And if its not a game, then you’re programming it, and you’re doing it better than before.

Don’t worry, don’t think you fit the bill here? We’ll just see about that. There’s enough stupidity and awesomeness to go around.

We run a lot of servers, be it Minecraft, Starbound, Factorio, or more, there’s a chance we have it. Want a private server to play on for you and your friends? There’s a chance you might find one here!


Our featured servers are:
  • Minecraft
  • Starbound
  • Factorio
  • TF2
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Space Engineers

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