Welcome friend, to a group of game loving philosophers, scientists, and jokers. This little community of ours isn’t huge, but it’s quite fun. We enjoy what we do and we always have fun doing it.


One of the core games any server network could have. The legendary game of Minecraft. PlDyn operates a node network of multiple MC servers. Older worlds are posted online for members to download.


Starbound, a game of building and adventure. PlDyn offers both vanilla and modded options. Modded featuring both Frackin’ U and Frackin’ Races on top of numerous QoL mods.


Do you even moon lord bro? PlDyn runs both a normal difficulty and an expert world. Careful of those mimics.

What makes us different?

There’s a ton of gaming groups out there, some we’re affiliated with. But why would anyone want to join us – specifically PlDyn? Planetary Dynamics has a very hefty focus on development. Matter of fact, we’re plumb silly with it. The entirety of the PlDyn CoreFoundry is a repository of information and releases of development projects.

PlDyn takes pride in development activities. Development proceeds even if the modification or project is as simple as a retexture for a game, or a tweak in the mechanics up to something as large as a DLC expansion. Whatever you can do, be it program, design, the total destruction of all good things, or maybe nothing at all – it’s all good.