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Aight…so, yes….privacy policy.

TL:DR Version: This is a non-European based network. As such GDPR regulation doesn’t mean anything to us. But in terms of your stuff like IP, data gathering and whatnot; we don’t collect it. Period. Know that it your digital footprint appears when you make a connection anywhere on the PlDyn Network, but any sort of targeted and purposeful data collection is non-existent.


For those of you that want specifics.

If you’re down here, then you must already have an understanding of server connection and whatnot. Premium Users/Dev Team/Staff, your data details are listed respectively below.


Standard Users/Members

Your digital footprint on PlDyn is very similar to the TL:DR. IP addresses and basic connection monitoring are done my Network hardware in order to best maintain a stable connection between your machine and the network. Connecting to any given game server/Network resource should be understood that upon doing so warrants file creation and data storing. This is unavoidable in order to make sure that your game server progression/information is kept safe.

In terms of non-game user data, nothing is purposefully stored. Website logins, server connection/save data is stored.

Staff/Dev Team/Premium Members

You guys have the exact same stuff as the Standard Member with the added stuff of PlDyn Cloud Solutions should you have opted in for that. If you didn't, you can stop reading now.

If you did, understand that Cloud Solutions stores any file data you upload. This includes but is not limited to files you upload, emails sent and or received, user data created based on various actions conducted when connected to the Cloud Solutions server, and any other data that is warranted based on your connection to the Cloud Solutions network. Note that 3rd party applications such as GitHub are not tied to PlDyn or vice versa and their own privacy policy applies.


Fishsticks Account Holders

Fishsticks accounts are very different from other PlDyn accounts. These accounts are strictly built for CC member affiliates for private use on the Fishsticks Dashboard and inter-bot functions. Fishsticks internal data storage is outlined in the account opening panel sent to all users apon accessing their account. Users should note that Fishsticks collects Discord information for customization and functionality purposes. The information gathered via Fishsticks cannot be used in Discord account-related malicious activity and can be accessed publicly via the Discord API. Opening a Fishsticks account should be considered as gaining access to a pre-existing account as the information used for your Fishsticks account already exists at the time of account opening.

The Fishsticks Online Dashboard does not log IP addresses/collect location data. Cookies may be used to store information such as login information to keep sessions running. SSL encryption is provided by the PlDyn Network and guarantees that whatever frivolous information PlDyn and yourself are throwing in there are in fact secure. Data transactions between Fishsticks and your Fishsticks Dashboard are all handled through the PlDyn Network and do not use 3rd party connections.


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