About Us

So you wanted to know more eh? That’s fascinating. We don’t get that a lot.

In a nutshell, Planetary Dynamics is a group of people who take gaming to a science. We don’t simply “play the game” but do our best to bring gameplay to the core. In the words of Warren Buffet; “Beware of geeks bearing formulas.” – this is essentially what we do. And if you don’t think one could get anymore out of a game, think again: we love mods here. Matter of fact, there’s a number of us who are developers.

If we’re not trying add on to the game, we’re busy trying to figure out all the nooks and crannies of the game to get the most out of it, like just that one extra bird’s nest egg on top of that ledge in Skyrim, or that one extra higher point in shields in Warframe.

I said there’s a few of us that are developers. And it’s not limited to the Creation Engine’s Papyrus script. Some of us have built gravity engine drives in C# for Space Engineers on a vessel that carries not a single thruster. Other’s toy in more interactive scripts such as Discord Bots.

In the PlDyn Discord, there lives a bot named LCARS47 (we’re geeks, get over it) and he controls a good many things about the place including communications between our Minecraft Network and the Discord server. He’s a pretty chill guy and you should meet him; he was developed by one of our members.

Oh, and we like memes (I mean, who doesn’t). we really enjoy these things.

Especially if they’re kind of stupid but hilarious.

Fascinated by us yet? Want to find out where those cookies are?

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