We do have a bit of a command structure here at PlDyn. And if you havn’t noticed just yet, we’re kind of big on the Star Trek hierarchy. So, in light of that, the staff structure is fashioned in the same way, from Admiral and Vice Admiral, down to shipmates.

SkyeRangerDelta - Admiral

Founder of PlDyn; SkyeRanger handles the bulk of the maintenance and systems of Planetary Dynamics. Sort him out if you have questions concerning network setup, maintenance procedures, and more.

Frying Pan - Vice Admiral

This is The Pan. He does the bulk of the systems testing, network decisions, and influences where the network is going. Not to mention he plays a lot of the games.

Tourquilian - Captain & Systems Admin

Regarded to as PlDyn's more fundamental members, Tourq brings about other network base decisions and future plans. Talk with him every once and a while if you want a good hearty discussion on why nuclear reactors glow blue. (And much more).

We’ve got plenty more higher staff members about that help influence the community and push decisions around, join us on our Discord and you can find out what other wonderful people we have about the place.

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