Starbound (Terraria in space…and better). One of PlDyn’s most prominent game server networks. This game also supports modding and a fairly decent amount of advanced building. This game is for those that enjoy building like Minecraft, except, flat. It’s a 2D platformer. Got one heck of a story in it too.

Starbound Vanilla

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The good ‘ole regular Starbound. The player community on this server has established a home base of operations they call “The Hotel”. Coordinates are available on request.

Mods: None (Some players make use of client-side mods).

Starbound Modded

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This modded version of Starbound runs alongside the vanilla version. It features mods such as Frackin’ Universe and Frackin’ Races, along with numerous other mods.

Mods: A Steam Workshop collection is available here.

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