Did you come here because you were interested in Discord bots or because you were just curious? Either way, I’m sure you’ll find something fascinating here. We’ve got a couple of little JavaScript (NodeJS) Discord Bots that we run on our network. Now you may be asking yourself, what’s a Discord Bot? First, Discord if you don’t know, is a VOIP (Voice over IP) program where gamers come together in communities and chat, share media, and play games. A bot in this case is a “script” (if it could be put any simpler) that runs as a sort of client attached to the server. Normally, they read the chat and respond to certain messages, commands. Others don’t do anything of that nature but serve as more of a utility, like reading the audit logs and putting into simpler terms.

Either way, PlDyn has two of them. LCARS47 obviously, who manages quite alot around PlDyn, and another bot called Fishsticks that was developed (and is still being developed) for an affiliate community.


LCARS47 is the computer system from Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Next Generation and PlDyn has been built around a similar fashion to a Federation starship, it was only natural we incorporated LCARS into it. He manages a great many systems in our community, from text communications between servers and Discord, to handling system commands, and helping you out on this here site of ours.


Fishsticks is the Christian Crew Gaming Discord bot built by PlDyn to handle numerous community systems in their Discord. PlDyn is allied with them and at some point, a deal was struck to allow PlDyn to build this bot for them. Fishsticks is utilized hundreds of times each day by CC's members and staff. While he is not as tied into as many systems as LCARS47 (yet), he is actually a tad bit more advanced in his code.

How We Build Our Bots

Discord bot development is fairly open to the developer, with many many languages available to be utilized. Numerous users develop their bots in Javascript while others may take to Python, ruby, or various others. Our two bots however are founded in NodeJS and the Discord API. Built in JavaScript, these bots are like web applications that don’t see the website front.

You can see the development status and future plans of each of the bots in the PlDyn CoreFoundry.

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